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Posted 11/06/2020

Public health is paramount, and the approach to Heritage Week must ensure that its activities are not a risk to the health of the general population.

The key change to how Heritage Week in 2020 will operate Is that the Heritage Council will invite individuals, communities and organisations to develop Heritage Week projects, rather than focus one events as the primary output.

Projects considered appropriate for Heritage Week 2020

  • The theme for Heritage Week 2020, as designated by the EU, is ‘Heritage and Education’.
  • To help organisers think about what aspect of heritage they might want to explore under the theme of ‘Heritage and Education’, we have developed three broad sub-themes which can be considered for projects:
    • Heritage on your doorstep
    • Relearning skills from our heritage
    • The heritage of education
  • Projects that explore these sub-themes – even in their broadest sense–will be considered for inclusion in Heritage Week 2020. Ultimately, if a project contributes to helping people become more aware of our heritage, it should qualify for inclusion in HW2020.

Everyone is invited to take part in Heritage Week 2020: this includes individuals, families, communities and organisations– including cultural institutions, NGOs and businesses.

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